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What is Chiropractics?

Chiropractic is a discipline in the health sciences that deals with the biomechanics of the body: bones, muscles, and joints.
We treat neckpain, low back pain, arthorosis, scoliosis, headaches, intervertebral discs, dorsalgias, ciatica and many more symptoms and illnesses of the body. The chiropractic treatment is based on the accomodation of the joints through the
movement of the body.

Chiropractic and prevention

In preventing, chiropractic assesses the persons, their joint range of motion, and detects alterations or fixations before the symptoms arise. Chiropractic also takes into account the posture, the enviroment and the surrounding of the body in movement.

Chiropractic and tratment

In treating the symptoms, chiropractic specializes in the locomotive apparatus (the part of the body used to move, which we move voluntarily). Some examples are: neck pain, low back pain, elbow pain, knee pain. By making movements more harmonious, Chiropractics makes movements less painful, because it relaxes muscles which are in tension due to bad movements.

Chiropractic and rehabilitation

Chiropractic and rehabilitation are compatible. Chiropractic movilizes joints and relaxes muscles that are tight due to previous suffering. After the chiropractic treatment there is improvement in the range of motion and greater ease in the movement of the treated joint, which helps in the rehabilitation stage.

Mission statement

Chiropractic is a different approach from traditional medicine, we understand the body as a whole. We treat pain and we prevent pain. Our goal as doctors is to manage that all of our patients find their dynamic equilibrium, their homeostasis. This equilibruim is settled between the external impositions of dalily life, the internal limitations and the maximum possibilities of our bodies.



Chiropractic without its name

There is evidence of the bases of chiropractics since the beginning of written history, although this name was not yet used.

In writings from China and Greece that date to 2700 B.C. there is mention of manipulations and movements of the spine and lower limbs to treat low back pain. Hipocrates published some texts on the importance of the knowledge of the spine, for he considered it as the key of many illnesses.

The term chiropractic is adopted

Daniel David Palmer, in 1895 made the first spinal manipulation and adopted the term chiropractic.
He was Canadian, but lived in Davenport, Iowa, selling groceries for a living. He had great knowledge in anatomy and physiology, and used magnets for treatment, for were much used those days.
The doorman of Palmer’s apartment had been deaf por 18 years after an episode in which he described hearing a popping sound in his spine. Palmer checked the doorman’s spine and discovered something wrong in it, so he manipulated his spine putting it in its place and there was a new popping sound after which the hearing was restored. Palmer continued manipulating the spine and treating multiple symptoms and illnesses for many years. In 1895, Palmer opened the first school of chiropractic “Palmer School of Chiropractic” where he taught his new technique.

How the story continues

In 1906 Daniel Palmer was imprisoned, taken to trial and later released for practicing medicine without a license.
This provoked a rupture in the relationship he had with his son, his closest disciple BJ Palmer. After being released Daniel Palmer sold everythig to his son and died poor while wandering around the United States.
BJ Palmer is considered a man before his time in marketing. He managed to lift the school of chiropractics and make chiropractics more and more popular. During those years a second school of chiropractic was created.
BJ´s son, Daniel´s grandson, directed the school and made this one have an official tittle and an entry exam, which made it a formal school.

Chiropractics today

Today chiropractic is very popular in the United States, with chiropractic schools all over the country. It is believed that there are at least 200 different ways to manipulate the spine, and all are called chiropractic. Chiropractics is also taught and used in other countires of the world such as Canada, Spain, England, and most of Europe, Australia and New Zeland.



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